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Corporate and Contractor Accommodation Solutions

Our upcoming app specialises in providing comprehensive property and hotel accommodations for contractors and businesses throughout the UK and eventually globally.


Whether you need housing for as short as two nights or as long as five years, and for small groups of two or large groups exceeding 200 people, we have you covered.

Instant Notification on Booking Requests
Tailored Accommodation
Tailored Calendar- Block out Days when going Home
Specialist Search Page for Group Accommodation


Matched Stay is a revolutionary mobile app crafted to streamline accommodation bookings for businesses and group planners. By enabling the booking of multiple groups simultaneously, it ensures you benefit from negotiated rates for the best prices. The app offers extensive filters to customise your stay, the ability to block out dates when you’re away, and a host of other convenient features. Simplify your group bookings and enjoy a seamless experience with Matched Stay.

What do we offer?



  • Upload your requirements, and let hosts bid to give you a pre-negotiated price, ensuring you're getting the best price for your project.

  • Be as specific as you need to be. Need your weekend off from accommodation? We can do it.

  • Got multiple projects on and need multiple accommodations? Just add it into the search bar. We'll do the leg work.​

  • Got multiple groups stopping? Just add it to the same booking.

Month Selector for Booking Accommodation
  • Enhance your booking potential through our negotiation platform. Secure not only more bookings but also the opportunity for longer-term bookings.

  • Skip the exhaustive hunt across Facebook groups for long term bookings. With our system, if you're a match, you'll know immediately.

  • Benefit from one of the most competitive commission rates in the industry, with lower than what most online travel agents offer.


Please pre-register your interest using the button below.

Shipping options

Standard delivery (5-10 days) - Free
Expedited delivery (3-4 days) - $10
Express delivery (1-2 days) - $15

International shipping rates vary by country.

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